Mobile Shoe Shine

Hire Andy’s for Your Next Big Event!
Perfect for conventions, corporate events, meetings, weddings and and special occasions or any time your feet need to shine.
Four vintage 60’s barber shop style chairs to choose from!


This black leather chair with cushioned arm rails and finished with a silver base is the epitome of office comfort. Be the talk of the office with those shiny shoes. Today, you can feel like The CEO!


This tan colored leather chair comes with all leather armrests and oak wood trimmings on every edge and sits elegantly atop a silver base. Feel like a boss for the day in The Executive!


This chair is a combo of cream colored leather cushions and black padded armrests, complete with a silver and cream base. Get to know modern day comfort in a vintage style with the Elite Pleasure!


This rich burgundy leather chair with silver arm rails and finished with a cream base brings you back to the sixties with a look you wont soon forget. Get a shine in a hurry and hop on the Burgundy Express!